Project 52 – Weekenders – Father and children

Project 52 – Weekenders
week·end·er [week-en-der]

5. a person who engages in a sport, hobby, or other activity occasionally, especially on weekends.

last year I started a 52 week photography project, it was 52 weeks of Self Portraits. You can check it out here:

It ended up being one of the best experiences and challenging years I can remember. The reward was definitely the journey and what an interesting one it ended up being.

Its amazing what giving your focus to something for just a few hours once every week for one year can do for you and your dreams.

The first project was all about me; self portraits, and sharing what was happening in my personal story. So, the second project is about the world, or since it is a second step in a larger journey, lets say its about the world immediately around me. Maybe project 52 part III will be about other places in the world!

The rules are very simple. Deliver one photograph every week. The photograph has to have people in it or it can be a portrait of someone. It has to tell their story or a story.

This year though, I can’t be late. I’m gonna make it so that I have to publish every tuesday (I might change it to monday though) and this time there is no leeway.

The first story:

On Saturday I was invited to dinner with my friend Brian, his kids and his parents and it was a lovely time. Brian grilled a salmon and well, he’s known in these parts for his skill with the grill…

I asked the kids if they would sit for portraits as the sun was setting in the background and they agreed but only if I played with them first.

Fun was had and I got to take some nice pictures of The kids together and one with their father. After the pictures, Clegg (Brian’s son) was clowning around a little more and got hurt. It was very minor, i don’t think he’ll even bruise but it was a big deal to a 5 year old.

I already had my camera in hand and it was almost automatic. I snapped this moment.

I like it because I think it shows the tenderness a parent has for their child, the way Brian is gingerly holding Clegg and examining him. I was lucky enough to capture the concern in everyone’s face too.

Though I got some nice portraits of the family, this happy little (sad little) accident was my favorite capture because it reminds me that Photography can capture a slice of reality. I’m pleased to be able to start and present my new 52 week photography project with this photograph.


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