Project 52 – Weekenders – Rainbow Connection


I think I’ve written before that this chap is a hero of mine. He’s also a stellar photographer with a natural sense for composition and story telling.

We were visiting the PAMM in Miami for the first time, and it was a great little journey through a much needed and welcomed center for culture in Miami.

Eddie has always been someone I look to as an example of peace and calmness… now I’m not saying he’s a guru (though I suspect he has the soul of one) but he pretty much feels close to what I imagine a guru would be. He’s the most internal external person I’ve ever met.

I hope this portrait conveys some of his awesomeness.

Project 52 – Weekenders – Guy Métivier

Project 52 - Weekenders - Guy Métivier

Jaymie Guy Métivier is one of my best mates!

I met Jaymie on the Camino De Santiago, four years ago when I was hiking with another best mate, Eddie. In fact the three of us became rather close. Since then we’ve remained in touch and we are constantly encouraging one another as well as finding new and exciting ways to make the other laugh, usually at our own or each other’s expenses. As with many best friends we are unaware of our natural boundaries and we seamlessly flow in and out of our own little worlds together.

Jaymie is like a brother to me. I care for him very deeply. This week and Weekend he came to Miami to visit for seven days. Eddie lives here too, so we all did a lot of hanging out naturally and we reminisced about the Camino and caught each other up with our various life pursuits. I wasn’t able to introduce Jaymie to every one of my friends but he got to meet a bunch of new people and he had new experiences and I think he fell in love with Miami a little. It is not an easy thing to impress Jaymie so I’m kind of impressed on Miami’s behalf.

Jaymie got to go Kayaking with Eddie, travel to Tampa which meant he got a mini American Road Trip, tour Miami, drink a lot of craft beer, eat great food and go to the PAMM. We took a lot of photographs during his visit and we also did silly and sometimes serious little art projects including a photo-shoot with Eddie (@zmanbardel on Instagram) where Jaymie and I were acting as though we might be a couple.

I know Jaymie is a serious artist and has the soul of a very wise and ancient being, perhaps his ancestry came from other worlds, and people like Jaymie make me want to believe in that kind of thing anyway.

When we were on the Camino we came up with a few personae for Jaymie. One was basically a Super Hero named Wolf Eater Von Sword and the other, lesser known one, was a famous folk singer from Montreal known as Guy (pronounced Ghee) Métivier.

All week I wanted to capture a photograph of Guy to update the one I took of him on the Camino and well, inadvertently as I was doing a study of Jaymie’s bare torso, his Hair, beard and of course the man himself, and trying to pay homage to a very famous Richard Avedon photograph of Jim Morrison, It struck me, I had photographed Guy Métivier four years later. He is a bit edgier now but has the same core of greatness.

Check him out at his blog and feel free to join the Guy Métivier fan page on Facebook:

Project 52 – Weekenders – The Couple

Project 52 - Weekenders - The Couple

This weekend I found myself over at Johnny’s place snapping portraits before we did an early celebration of my Birthday over some really fancy beers.

Of all the ones we took in this warm up session, my favorite was this one because I was trying to get them to obtain a certain posture for the photograph that I thought would be the final result.

These two kids are working hard to make a good life and future for themselves, they are quite inspiring to me! And in the meantime they totally stop and model for me. I like Johnny’s room, it reminds me of magic and Scotland and Japan, all mysteries that I’ve yet to uncover.

Project 52 – Weekenders – The Comic

Project 52 - Weekenders - The Comic

This weekend I had the opportunity to get re-acquainted with a few friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. Among them is Daniel Reskin. Daniel is known as a stand-up comedian, an actor, a writer and he’s a pretty great human being to boot!

After spending a little time catching up at Speak Miami on Friday, I asked him if he’d pose for a portrait and I was so happy that he agreed to do so. There happened to be two traffic cones sitting there so we composed the shot and the idea on the fly.

Check Daniel and his work out at

Project 52 – Weekenders – The Fighter

Project 52 - Weekenders - The Fighter

This weekend was filled with amazing moments and I got my first taste of, ‘wow what am I going to do.’ However, when I took this particular picture, and looked it in preview on the little screen of my T4i. I told myself, “You have until Tuesday.” but I knew this would be the one.

I was a fencer for a few years beginning in High-School and continued doing it for a little while (less frequently) after. I loved fencing, it was the first time I discovered a sport that I could relate to.

I fenced in foil and became pretty good at it. Nothing to write home about and I certainly didn’t go Olympic level, (although I think my teacher was hoping to beat that kind of discipline and command into me – and don’t worry not literally or in a bad way.) It just wasn’t in me to compete.

I learned about the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms) from my High School World History teacher and I always meant to check em out. Almost 20 years later, I find my way by invitation to a Revel and I’m thinking, how much fun would that be to photograph! What I find is a really great group of people and I’m instantly comfortable around them.

I totally joined up!

I don’t know the relationships everyone has to one another or the Society yet, but this gentleman along with another fighter from another shire were teaching people the proper techniques and employing a lot of the techniques taught to me in Fencing School. They knew their stuff. I’m sorry I missed any displays and demonstrations they were giving during the peak of the Revel!

Now to find some good period clothing!

The best bits…

The best bits...

Aesthetically speaking, there’s something very alluring about those sports socks that go right up to the top of the shoe line (on low tops) and allow the impression that the wearer of the socks is not wearing socks at all. I’ve probably come to think about and hence fetishize these socks a little…

When I saw that my friend not only wears mismatched socks (something I used to do consciously) but was also wearing THOSE socks, I couldn’t help myself. Click, Click, Click. I’m happy with the result even if my friend was a little startled to find me hovering over him with my camera.

Project 52 – Weekenders – Official Portrait

Project 52 - Weekenders - Official Portrait

When I informed my mother that I was doing another Project 52, she immediately was excited and had a million questions.

This weekend I took my camera with me to work (had a cool maternity shoot) and then I thought that I took it to an amazing fun night of role playing with friends both new and familiar. It was kind of a magical event and I got to share some photos on instagram, but no portraits for the project. Then there was another chance to capture or document an event with family in it when we attended Easter lunch at my Aunt and Uncle’s house… I had my camera with me, I left the memory card at home. Epic Fail.

My friend Maria was good enough to sit for a portrait and I thought, okay good, but when I looked in Lightroom, I totally messed up when photographing her and didn’t notice that my camera was not on manual. It was on shutter priority and so the picture’s were blurry from shutter shake just enough to be annoying.

New projects, new challenges… My mother noticed I was a little bummed out – She’s really good at that and asked me what was wrong. When I confessed my goofs this weekend, she proclaimed, “Well, I already dressed up for Easter, you can make a portrait of me.”

“Mom, you hate it when I take your picture!”

“I’ll sit for a proper portrait.”

I was pretty excited. So when we got home, utilizing the light of the setting sun, a little bit of fill light from my strobe and the living room as a setting we came up with “The Queen’s official portrait” as she jokingly called it.

Since we were children, My father and she enjoyed pretending that they are King and Queen of a tiny kingdom that only extends to the front door of our home… my sister and I don’t mind being known as Prince and Princess of this kingdom so we continue to indulge in the fantasy.

This moment with my mother made me realize the kingdom was actually limitless because we were all using our imaginations together for laughs and good times.

So here I present to you, the Official Portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Angelina Fazluddin I. I’m honored to be the official photographer for my mum.